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Smit & Heinen consists of a team of 13 people. We laugh with eachother, but we're also keen on working hard to achieve the best results. You can also become part of our team! How? Quite easy, the proces of selling or buying a house with us makes you a member of our team. If we come across an issue, we'll immediately stick our heads together en come up with a plan of action untill we find the best solution.
It is the duty of a broker to fulfill you of all your needs during the proces of selling or buying a house. What you see, is wat you get. This is maintained throughout the whole proces due to clear communication and transparancy. We love to keep you up to date. If this means an update after every viewing or the status of a house for sale which you would like to buy.
You need to get the feeling that everything is achievable. A full service unburdening. We know it's hard to buy the house you'd like, especially in the current market. Tháts why you reach out to us! When you get the feeling that this is going to be easy, than we've done our job correctly. That's the feeling you'll get with Smit & Heinen.

We'd love to unburden you!

At Smit & Heinen we distinguish ourselves from other brokers. We can achieve this by working with professionals and experts who are always personally involved with you. Our goal is to make everything easy for you, and by everything, we mean everything. It doesn't matter if it's about selling your house, helping you buy a new house or delivering an appraisal. We'd love to unburden you.

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Curious about your home estimate in Amsterdam or Haarlem?

Are you wondering what value might be of your house? Our broker would love to come visit you to determine the value. During this visit there's also room for any questions you may have regarding your home and the current market we are in. You'll also receive information about the sales figures of your house and our prices. The valuation is completely free!

Our supply of housing at Amsterdam

Our services

Want to sell your house? We at Smit & Heinen will support you through the whole proces. Our certified expert brokers are ready for you.

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Would you like to know what your house is worth? Request a free house valuation. During a meeting we'll give you a clear impression about the current value and possibilities of your house.

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Are you looking for a house? Our specialists are happy to help you. We arrange everything for you during the entire process.

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Renting your house is a lot easier with an expert. How do you know if you've found the perfect fit for your house? Find out with our letting agents.

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Are you planning to buy a house in the near future? In order to get a mortgage you'll need an appraisal. Also if you're planning to renovate your house and want to finance it by raising your mortgage.

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A mortgage advisor could provide you with the greatest loan you'll ever get. We highly suggest to engage a mortgage advisor for an independent and sound advice.

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