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Together we'll sell your house in Amsterdam

The team of Smit & Heinen consists of 8 certified brokers with atleast 20 years of experience each in Amsterdam. You could argue that our brokers know all the ins and outs about the city and could tell you everything about it. Besides that we also have a candidate broker with atleast 10 years experience in the field. You will be sure to come in contact with a broker who knows the ropes.

Selling with Smit & Heinen in Amsterdam

  • Selling with experts
  • 20 years of experience in Amsterdam
  • You'll be assigned to your own personal agent
  • We take all the time needed for your personal situation
  • Reach out to us, we're always available

More information

Selling with Smit & Heinen

Home presentation
Your home needs to be presented in the best way possible. We make sure to use every tool for both offline and online marketing.
We make a scheduele for the viewings, but always with your consent. We'll update you ahead of time and after every viewing.
Own personal broker
At Smit & Heinen you'll be assigned to your own personal broker. No issues whatsoever with other members of the team. Just you and your broker.

Home presentation

Your home needs to be presented in the best way possible. Our team of enthusiastic experts ensures you of a personal sales strategy which makes sure your home is being sold for the best price and under the right circumstances. We make sure to use every tool for both offline and online marketing:

  • We'll make an extensive sales brochure included with a ground plan and proffesional photo's
  • We'll take care of the presentation of your home on our website, and
  • We'll also present your home in our digital shop window
  • Alongside the online promotion we'll also promote the house with printed flyers
  • Ofcourse your home will get the attention it deserves on our Social Media channels
  • On our Social Media channels we'll also post video's of the neighbourhood with nice to know-content

Contact with Smit & Heinen

If you're considering to let our team help you, you will be assigned to own personal broker. You can reach out to your broker by calling our regular phone number or his/her personal cellphone number. In addition, there are four colleague's in the office who will support you with any questions, but also our broker in making sure everything is working out accordingly. So, if you have any questions, you'll be sure to get an awnser.

Plan a sales call

Start of the sale

Step 1: Become acquainted
We'd love to meet you first by visiting you and to get to know you and your wishes. Besides that we'll valuate your home and discuss the sales options and sales strategy fitting you and your home.
Step 2: Order
Are we allowed to work with/for you? Amazing! We'll start by inventorising the official records and information of your home. For example: The measuring of your home, a plan for the styling of your home, cleaning up your house, etc. together we'll go for the best price! Besides that you can provide us with your own documentation and see all the details in our digital environment.
Step 3: House presentation
It is time to let potential buyers get to know your home! Obviously in the best way possible. A proffesional photographer will make photo's of your home. Your house presentation will be sublime. Curious how? Just scroll through this page.

Step 4: Viewings

After promoting your home, we'll start with the viewings. This is when it really starts! Our brokers received the key to your home and know there way around the house. We accompany the viewers and keep you informed of any updates. We'll make sure to do the best we can to promote your home for the best price and conditions. Once we've established a deal, the negotiations start.

Step 5: Negotiations

The biddingproces is about to start! We'll make a screening of the best potential buyers for your home. Not only by the offer they made, but also on the conditions. After this we'll close the deal. A deed of sale will be formulated and we will make sure all who are involved will sign the deed. Once the autographs are signed and the reflection periode and resolutive conditions are past due time you can be congratulated on the sale of your house!

Step 6: Congratulations!

Now that your house is sold, we'll make sure all papers are in order for the notary to handle. We'll discuss a transfer date and make a final sweep through the house for inspection. After this we'll visit the notary for the key transfer. As you can see, everything is carefully handled in and orderly way. Still got questions afterwards? No problem, you can still reach out to your broker or the colleagues at the Smit & Heinen office.

Time for your first step?

Scheduele a free meeting with one of our agents, simply at your home! This meeting will be used to explain the above steps and more.

Putting your house for sale with a good feeling

At Smit & Heinen

Feel free to reach out to us! We'd love to get acquainted.

We could also reach out to you if you'd like! Just leave your contact information and we'll call you.

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