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Make renting your house in Amsterdam way easier

Renting your house in Amsterdam is a lot easier with an expert. How do you know if you've found the perfect fit for your house? What are the possibilities of renting your house and how flexible are you - and the tenant - during the rental period? If you have any questions related to renting your house, know that Smit & Heinen is always able to awnser all your questions with a broker specialist in renting.

Our Letting agents will take care of everything for you, also considering laws en regulations for the rental situation.

The Smit & Heinen team consists of 6 brokers and a candidate broker, all of them with the needed knowledge about rental in Amsterdam. Renting your house will be easy with the right guidance of our experts!

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Rental with Smit & Heinen

No time or energy for searching the right tenant? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Our extended network will provide the right fit for your house.
Most profit
We know the ropes! Especially in this market it's good to know which prices are accepted. You could easily be making a lot more profit with the right rental prices. We'd love to help you out finding the right prices.
Fully taken care of
No idea where to start or what to expect? With our letting agents you'll receive the best guidance and advise considering your rental property.

Rental housing offer

A letting agent in Amsterdam?

You've probably heard of it, but think: that's something I'll do myself! If you want to sell a house, you'll possibly use a broker for it's expertise and guidance. So why don't you ask a broker for renting your house? A letting agent is similair. Like a regular broker, a letting agent takes care of viewings, negotiations and drafting a rental contract. This includes the screening of possible tenants.


Your house needs to be presented in the best way possible. Each house that's presented in our rental housing offer gets an extended presentation with professional photography, a map and - incase it's needed - a scoring.


With a letting agent from Smit & Heinen:

  • No time lost to management and service
  • No hassle with the 'wrong' tenants because of our screening
  • No issues with laws and regulations
  • The best profit


Once we have a list of potential tenants we'll start with viewings of the house. We'll always do this with your consent and we'll inform you ahead of time and afterwards.


All communication is with your personal letting agent. So no need for explaining things twice. At Smit & Heinen you'll always be assigned to your personal broker, who will directly be in touch with you through mobile phone. Besides that, every broker is assisted by our backoffice employees.

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