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Home appraisal

An appraisal is an accurate valuation of your house. You need an appraisal for the following:

  • Finance of a new house
  • Refinancing mortgage
  • Legacy
  • Taxes
  • Estate division

Are you planning to buy a house in the near future? In order to get a mortgage you'll need an appraisal. Also if you're planning to renovate your house and want to finance it by raising your mortgage or if you want to buy an appartment for rental purposes.

Appraisal of your house

1. Getting acquainted
Leave your contact information in the form below. Our team will contact you.

2. Appraisal
In case we get to appraise your house, an appraiser from Smit & Heinen will call you to schedule a meeting.

3. Valuation report
The appraisal will be conducted into a valuation report, the report will be transfered digitally.

Getting your house appraised?

Our office is affiliated with the Nederlandse Vereniging van Makelaars (NVM) and the Makelaarsvereniging Amsterdam (MVA). We're also affiliated with Vastgoedcert, NWWI and the Taxateurs Unie. Our appraisal is accepted at every financial institution.
Urgent appraisal
In need of an urgent appraisal? No problem! Give us a call immediately or come by at the office.
Flat rate
A validated report isn't cheap, but we do work with a flat and competitive rate. Before hand you'll know exactly what you need to pay.

Appraisal from Smit & Heinen

We provide certified appraisals. The valuation report needs to be validated, meaning that your home is appraised by a broker/appraiser at an independent validation institute.

Request an appraisal at Smit & Heinen and we'll be able to quickly schedule a meeting. Reach out to us by e-mail or give us a call. 020 - 672 70 74.

Taxatie huis

Requesting an appraisal?

Our appraisers are ready for you!

Reach out to us by filling in the form below or give us a call directly.

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